Waterproofing is not complicated and hopefully this estimator will give you and idea of the materials and labour involved. Every situation will be different (accessibility, terrain, block or poured foundation, etc.). Check with your local building codes. Get a building permit! It will help insure whomever you hiring adheres to the building code and does your job correctly. This estimator is based on completely excavating the outside perimeter of the foundation, cleaning the walls, applying a rubberized emulsified asphalt membrane and then covering that with a dimpled membrane for added protection.

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The photos is work done by MARS AND SONS. According to the manufacturer it was not installed properly nor would it be product warrantied. Would you choose this contractor?


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Material Description Quantity Unit Price Total Price

Grand Total

Dimple Membrane
Membrane Molding
Weeping Tile
Aqua-Bloc Liquid Membrane
Landscape Fabric
Hydraulic Cement
Drainage Stone
Top Soil
Excavator with Operator
Excavation Waste Bin
Pressure Washer Rental
Concrete Nail Gun Rental
Labourers (based on two)